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Plant Two Trees with One Seed:

Giving & Greening for Sustainable Growth.

Meet Gigi Abbadie

Purpose-Driven Marketing Strategist

Two Trees Strategy

As an avid environmentalist, seasoned marketer and purpose-driven strategist, I know that environmental and economic goals are mutually achievable. For 20 years I lead the environmental and cause marketing efforts for a pioneering brand, including creating their signature giving program that raised over $60M for environmental causes. During that time my vision for businesses' need to help make the world a better place grew immensely. This vision along with my passion for the planet is what drove me to create Two Trees Strategy, so I can help other businesses incorporate giving and greening into their organizations. Not only is it what consumers are asking for, it's what we all need to do as citizens of our community and the world.  

“I deeply love all animals, but dogs stole my heart from the day I was born,” Gigi at Montego Bay Animal Haven's "Hiking with100 Hooligans" Excursion.

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Your consumers and employees are looking for

you to help them do good

for themselves and the world

Areas in Which

Two Trees Strategy

Can Help Your Business Grow

Natural, Organic,  Sustainable Products 


and Vegan 

Environmental Practices





“Go getter” with a heart of gold comes to mind when I think of Gigi Abbadie. Raising millions of dollars and lighting up large crowds of people with her enthusiastic, warm and approachable personality... I am particularly impressed by her determination for making this world a better place, all animals included. 

- Antoinette Beenders 

Senior Vice President Creative,

Estée Lauder Companies

I am so impressed by Gigi's creativity, passion for animals and the planet, and ability to develop compelling messaging that engages people and enhances the brand’s reputation. Gigi has a unique skillset that combines keen business sense and marketing knowledge with a deep commitment to and understanding of environmental issues.

- Katie Galloway 

Director, Earth Fund and Stakeholder Relations at Aveda

Gigi is a brilliant marketer with top-notch interpersonal skills honed over decades of experience in the U.S. and abroad. She quickly makes warm and genuine connections with people from a variety of backgrounds. Gigi's terrific marketing instincts and logistical prowess make her an asset to any team!

- Kim Roberson 

Morehead-Cain Foundation


Black Lives Matter


Read about my eye-opening experience as a citizen of Minneapolis

1% for the Planet


We're proud to donate 1% of all proceeds to protect our planet for us all 



Our New Normal

We are living in a new world. One that we could barely imagine. One with so many unintended consequences, not the least of which is the effect on our children's nutrition. With children home from school and parents out of work, the simple act of feeding our kids healthy meals is a monumental task for so many. And once we get through this crisis, which we will, how do we work to prevent the next virus from emerging?

The global comradery is incredible. Sheltering in place, putting rainbows in windows, singing songs with our neighbors, applauding health care workers.  But what more can we do? What organizations should we support? 

1% for the Planet has compiled a list of some of their vetted organizations providing COVID-19 relief. These nonprofits are on the frontlines ensuring food security, providing public health programs and preventing the spread of future catastrophic viruses through conservation.

Together, we will get back to our old normal.