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Commercials with a Purpose

not so commercial commercials

This year's game was amazing.  The commercials? Mixed review, always with humor and star power. But my look at commercials isn't from the perspective of fan favorite or most successful, but what was notable from the world of greening and giving with cause and animals included.   What you will read below may not be my favorite ads, and may have aspects I don't agree with , but regardless, they are worth noting-what to do, and maybe not to do.


This year was definitely the year of women, from commercials to halftime show. WAnd some missing items were plant based meats which have become a fast food star.  And the greatest absence from my perspective were commercials with animals.  While animals in entertainment have come under scrutiny in recent years, usually we see Clydesdales, dogs and even a monkey/baby/puppy. Not so much this year, but there were two worth mentioning.



The first was by Weather Tech and also falls under the Cause category. The ad, Lucky Dog, Scout, tells the story about WeatherTech founder and CEO David MacNeil 's dog, Scout, who also starred in last year's WeatherTech commercial for the big game (do you remember? He even had his own work badge).  Scout had a tumor on his heart and only a 1% chance of living.  Thanks to the incredible team at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, Scout is now happy and healthy.  Thank goodness!  The commercial's call to action:  Not one mention of buying a floor mat or cup holder. Not even a Weather Tech dog dish. Yes, you are directed to their website and the page does show a myriad of products.  But if you click on Donate Today, you see Scout's journey and can feel the love that the WeatherTech family has for their company dog.




The second was an ode to Groundhogs Day, both the movie and the day, by Jeep.  It is rated one of the best commercials from an entertainment standpoint, using a rescue Groundhog (which by the way is the same as a woodchuck). The groundhog, Poppy,  is from the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center, a nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania, where she serves as an ambassador for wildlife education. The poor girl  had to have her incisors removed because of a birth defect and could never live in the wild. Who knew that would lead her to star with a Hollywood veteran.  Would I have preferred they use a CGI Groundhog?  Yes. Do I wish there would have been a shout out to the Wildlife Center? Of course.​ But I am happy that the tide is changing and that using a rescued animal is a step in the right direction and a testament to businesses understanding that we should care for animals, not exploit them.


Google and 5G both pulled on our heartstrings by humanizing tech. New York Life



Electric vehichles have come a long way since the Toyota Prius.  Now they come in virtually all shapes and sizes and of course, price ranges, thank you, Tesla.  Porche and Audi featured commercials promoting their new luxury EV additons.  Porche featured a playful commercial with a car chase through Germany, because driving an electric vehichle can be fast and fun when its a Porche Taycan.   Audi took a very different approach and starred a Gen Z celebrity, Maisie Williams of GOT fame, belting out "Let it go" from Frozen, driving through LA on a sweltering, hotter than usual, traffic-ridden day.  A playful nod to "Winter is Coming" with the lyrics "the cold never bothered me anyway", (if you don't know what I am reffering to, watch Game of Thrones and you will). The Audi fully electric e-tron helps you let go of the gas guzzling past and look to a more sustainable future.   And talking of gas guzzling, the surprise of the night was the teaser for the Hummer EV.  Yes, I said Hummer.  The world is really chnaging, and we all need to jump on board!

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