How You Will

Make a Difference

You will change the world

in more ways than one 

By partnering with Two Trees Strategy not only are you working to increase the beneficial impact of your business, but one percent of all proceeds* supports local and global environmental organizations working to help people, animals and the planet.

*your service price is in no way impacted

by the 1% donation

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Conserving Habitat

People and animals both benefit from having wild, natural spaces. For us, a day in the park provides fresh air and appreciation for nature. For animals, it is their home and can be the difference between life and death. Even extinction for some species.

Image by David Clode

Protecting Animals

Animals at home and around the world need our help to protect them from poaching, habitat destruction, the effects of climate change and more. We share the world with them, and it is up to us to protect them.

Picking Vegetables

Providing Vegetables

Too many children and families do not have access to healthy fruits and vegetables, especially during these difficult times. 

Organizations such as the National School to Farm Network, are helping our kids get the education and nutrition they need to thrive.

1% for the Planet


Because we are passionate about protecting

our world, Two Trees Strategy is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet*.

This means that all Two Trees Strategy donations are ceritifed by 1% for the Planet so you can be assured that the funds reach the vetted organizations and

support their wonderful work.  

*learn more at

In her personal life, Gigi supports additional causes near and dear to her heart,

 including animal rescue and groups that help people with disabilities.


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