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Millennials want clean conscience when buying luxury goods, says trade body Walpole by Joanna Bourke

Evening Standard

Talk about luxury turned upside down. British royalty wanting the "simple life" and Walpole, the British trade association whose members includes iconic Harrods and Burberry states luxury and sustainability go hand in hand. Thank you, Millennials and Gen Zs who will account for half of luxury sales by 2025. Whoa!  That’s five years from now.

And on a monumental side note, Burberry has gone fur free. Plaid has never looked so good!

2019's Climate Change Anthems

Musicians have found their own unique way to give to the voice to the experience of living at the end of the days


Did you watch the Grammy Awards?  This year I did. I love Lizzo, the Jonas Brothers and Billie Eillish. So of course, I expected Lizzo and Billie Eillish to win awards. What took me by surprise was listening to Billie and her brother Finn accept the Grammy for Album of the Year, talking about how surprised that an album including songs about suicide, depression and climate change, was honored. I loved their humbleness, was saddened by the fact that teenagers were compelled to write about such dark subject matter and was curious about the lyrics of the climate change song, All Good Girls Go to Hell, which I hadn't heard.  Yes, my age may be showing. 


When diving deeper not only did I fall in love with the song, but found that there is a Spotify playlist all about climate change. The activist in me who has been touting the seriousness of climate change since 2002 was both excited and saddened. Shame on us for not doing more!  But thank goodness to Billie Eillish and Gen Z for understanding the seriousness of climate change. And thank you, Billie for sharing your passion in such a beautiful and musical way.

Wombats Are ‘Accidental Heroes’ For Sheltering Animals In Their Burrows During Bushfires by Andrea Powell

The Animal Rescue Site

Meet the Accidental Hero-the Wombat. The cutest little loner who just happens to have unexpectedly welcomed in strangers into his home, like wallabies and maybe even a pet cat. Well, at least Mr. Wombat didn’t kick them out from his underground tunnels, as wildfires raged above. 


Yes, I know it wasn’t a benevolent move on his part, but wouldn’t you love to name your next pet “Wombat”. 

Want to help wildlife effected by Australian wildfires?  Please donate using the button above. 

Ben & Jerry’s wants you to ‘Netflix and chill’ with its new Netflix-branded ice cream by Michael Grothaus

Fast Company

Yes! This could be a match made in ice cream heaven.  Introducing Netflix & Chilll’d™ . A Netflix/Ben & Jerry’s original flavor featuring peanut butter ice cream with sweet and salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownies! YUM! As an avid vegan ice cream aficionado, I can’t wait to try the non-dairy version and was over the moon that both versions launched at the same time. What does that tell you about the demand for plant-based food? How about the implications on the luxury of staying home? Are either of these trends relevant for your business? How can they be?


Ponder those question then go ahead. Binge watch Netflix while binging on a pint of Netflix & Chilll’d™ and feel completely justified. I know I will!

Minneapolis City Council members take enlightened step toward fur-free city by Julie Knopp

Star Tribune

The future is fur-free. And sweet KC, my German Shepherd tripod, is the star of this story. She lost her leg in a bear trap in Indiana. You cringed, right?  So shouldn't we feel the same about the approximately 100 million animals, including foxes and mink, that are killed for their fur each year? Even in the tundra of Minnesota, we have so many other options to keep us warm. No harm necessary.

And from a business perspective, customers are demanding fashion to go fur-free as shown by some monumental decisions. In 2019 California banned the sale of new fur products, following its ban on wild animal trapping. Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s will be fur-free this year. And former fur icons Prada, Versace®, Gucci®, Burberry® and other luxury designers have either phased out, or are phasing out of fur.  That says it all!  In addition to reading this story, please check out my photo of KC on the CAUSES page.  A proud mom can’t help but want to show off her baby!